Residential Foundation Inspections & Foundational Design in Plano, TX

A solid foundation is essential to every residential property. Without a reliable support structure, your home can’t provide the safety and security you and your family need to thrive.

At Foundation Doctor, we’ve dedicated our lives to ensuring Plano families have houses that will stand the test of time. From foundation inspections to new foundation design, our structural engineering services have you covered where you need it most.


Residential Foundation Inspections in Plano

Foundation inspections are an important routine task to keep up with as a homeowner. Every few years, you should have a professional examine your property’s structural integrity.

Doing this regularly instead of waiting until you notice signs of foundation problems will help you discover issues before they become more dangerous and costly. Having a residential structural inspection is also a good idea if you’re buying or selling a house.

If you need a residential foundation inspection in Plano, Foundation Doctor’s licensed structural engineers are happy to help. We’ll inspect every aspect of your foundation, including the exterior, drainage system, vegetation, and elevation, and we can also do a framing inspection. All observations and repair recommendations will be recorded for you in an official report.


Foundation Design for New Residences and Residential Additions in Plano

In addition to foundation inspections, our team can provide top-quality residential foundation design. Whether you’re constructing a large home addition, adding a new structure to your property, or building a new home from the ground up, we can design the support you need.

Our engineers are adept at designing many foundation types, such as slab foundations and pier and beam foundations. We have a deep understanding of what’s necessary to establish and maintain a home’s integrity in Plano, so you can rest assured that the foundation we design will meet your needs.

Make sure your home has the durable foundation it needs. Call Foundation Doctor for residential foundation inspections or design services at 972-318-8800 today!